Reboot Your Health in 10 Days

Are you looking to improve your health in a short period of time?

Reboot your health in just 10 days with this simple yet intensive protocol to improve your gut health and overall vitality.

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This Guide​

  • Explains the different types of sugars
  • The foods you should eat and avoid over the detox period
  • Provides a checklist to track the 10 days of your detox

Improve your health,

Improve your life!​​

We’re all busy people, but without improving our gut health we are unable to attain success, whether that is a weight loss goal, a performance goal or simply a health goal.

The Reboot is basically a 10-day protocol where you will be eating foods which contain simple sugars and avoiding foods which contain complex sugars.

I recommend using this diet in conjunction with ATP Science Gutright as part of the 10-day protocol for best results. Download this eBook to learn the strategy to change your health in 10 days.

Our Happy Clients


“When I’m leaving a bathroom I catch a reflection in the mirror & I go yes, I look good. It’s great to have that feeling, I’m not just frumpy. This is showing me results now & I feel good now.”


“I definitely lost the weight. I definitely lost a lot of centimetres and I felt better overall as I was eating the correct foods. I felt like I had more energy.”


"That’s one of the biggest improvements I’ve had. I feel happier within myself to out and do those things with my step-daughter."


“I couldn’t believe how good I felt by eating the right food at every single meal. I had a lot more energy. I felt lighter as I was eating the right food and made smart choices.”