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  • The Wine Lover's Guide: Do you have friends who can drink wine and stay slim, but you can't? While there's no miracle solution, there are ways around the problem. Learn how to improve
  • Hormone Balance & Weight Loss: Learn how hormones and menopause can change your life in ways you don’t realise. Understand how you can deal with changes to your body and it's impact on weight gain and fatigue
  • 5 Diet Myths: Get the information you need to blast the myths surrounding who you're carrying extra weight - and there may be some surprises. Find out if you've been following the wrong advice all along.

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The reason many people do not succeed at losing weight and keeping it off is that they don’t have the right information before they start.

Instead, they begin full of optimism only to become distracted, either by conflicting information or by finding that their strategy is simply not working. They end up not knowing exactly what to do.

The pages in these eBooks will give you the right information that you can use to springboard into your journey to lasting healthy weight control.

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